Technical Testing

Metal Sounding

For metal hull vessel's we offer Cygnus metal sounding analysis. We can provide a detailed report on actual metal thicknesses found throughout a hull, tank or other metal components.

Moisture Testing

We use a Tramex Skipper Plus moisture meter, that is specifically designed for the marine industry. We can detect excessive moisture in wood, laminates and fiberglass.

Electrical Testing

Your vessel's electrical systems and wiring is very important and if not working properly can easily become a serious hazard. We can check your boat's AC and DC systems, shore power cords and inlets, breaker panels, receptacles, battery systems and electrical appliances.

Oil Analysis

Creating and keeping an accurate account of your engines' wear is a critical component of your vessel's value. We can take oil samples for both propulsion and generator engines and have them analyzed. This information can be used in determining a "pre-purchase", excessive wear or just to create a base line for future maintenance.